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Origins of the Tudors

From humble beginnings in the service of the princes of Gwynedd, the Tudor family rose steadily to royal stock.

The Tudor royal dynasty began with King Henry VII acceding to the throne of England, Wales and Ireland in 1485, and ended with the childless death of Elizabeth I in 1603. They are famed for taking the country from a run-of-the-mill medieval kingdom to the pre-eminent world power on the brink of Empire.

But while Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were noted monarchs of vast wealth and power, the family had far humbler origins.

The princes of Gwynedd such as Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (Llywelyn The Great) and his sons had in their service an aristocratic family of advisors, diplomats, servants and councillors.

The first of the dynasty of the early 'Tudors' was Cynfrig ab Iorwerth but his son, Ednyfed Fychan, was the one who cemented his family's position in the administration of Gwynedd. He was a diplomat and ambassador, acting for Llywelyn in negotiations with the English crown.

Ednyfed Fychan married Gwenllian, daughter of The Lord Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth, raising the social stock of his family. Ednyfed had at least six sons, all of whom entered the service of the princes of Gwynedd.

The eldest, Goronwy, took his father's place as 'Seneschal' of Gwynedd - the chief advisor and councillor with legal and diplomatic powers. His son was known as Tudur Hen, sometimes anglicised to Tudor. He was Lord of Penmynydd, a settlement in Anglesey. His position reflected the growing stature of his family.

Tudur Hen's grandson, Tudur Fychan, married Margaret ferch Thomas of the Gwynedd royal family. She was descended from Llywelyn ab Iorwerth on her mother's side and the Plantagenet kings John, Henry III and Edward I on her father's side.

Tudur and Margaret had at least five sons, who were active in the rebellion of their cousin Owain Glyndwr. The youngest, Marededd ap Tudur, had a child called Owain ap Tudur ap Marededd.

Owain was the key to the continued rise of the family. He managed to get round the punitive measures issued against Welshmen in the wake of the Glyndwr insurrection, through following his family's tradition of following prevailing winds.

He is thought to have fought with or assisted King Henry V in his French wars, and become close to the English royal court. After the death of Henry, he married, in secret, the dowager queen Catherine of Valois.

A member of a servile Gwynedd family of proletarian stock had married into a powerful western European royal family.


Welsh Words and Phrases on Gravestones

The inscriptions on gravestones in Welsh churchyards, cemeteries and chapel burial yards are frequently written in the Welsh language, as in the example quoted here. At first sight, this may confound non Welsh-speaking family historians, but checking through the lists of Welsh words and phrases provided below should enable most such inscriptions to be understood. When you've studied the lists, scroll down the page and test your skills on an authentic Welsh monumental inscription.

Welsh words and phrases
(Welsh spelling variants in brackets)

Welsh word or phrase English equivalent
Er cof am In memory of
Er cof an(n)wyl am In loving memory of
Er parchus cof am In respectful memory of
Er serchus cof am In loving (affectionate) memory of
Yma gorphwys (gorffwys) rhan farwol Here lie the mortal remains of
(g)wraig wife (of)
priod (briod) spouse (male or female)
an(n)wyl wraig beloved wife (of)
an(n)wyl briod beloved wife/husband (of)
chwaer sister (of)
ŵyr grandson (of)
a fu farw (bu farw) who died
yn 34 mlwydd oed aged 34 years
yn 15 mis oed aged 15 months
hefyd also
eto / etto also
yr uchod the above
y rhag grybwylledig the aforementioned
y rhagenwyd / rhagddywededig the aforementioned
ei ferch / ei merch / eu merch his/her/their daughter
ei fab / ei mab / eu mab his/her/their son
(yr hwn) a hunodd who fell asleep (i.e. died)
hunodd yn yr Iesu asleep in Jesus (i.e. died)
aeth attynt joined them (the ancestors; i.e. died)
o'r lle hwn of this place
o'r plwyf hwn of this parish
yn y plwyf hwn in this parish
dau o blant two children
yn eu mabandod in infancy
hedd perffaith hedd peace perfect peace
corffwys (yn gorffwys) mewn hedd rest in peace
yn hyn a allodd hon hi a'i gwnaeth she did all that was expected of her
coffadwriaeth y cyfiawn sydd fendigaid blessed is the memory of the righteous
Gogoniant i Dduw yn y Goruchaf Glory to God in the Highest

Calendar Months
(common abbreviations in brackets)

Welsh English Welsh English
Awst August Mai May
Chwefror (Chwe.) February Mawrth (Maw.) March
Ebrill (Ebr.) April Medi September
Gorffenaf/Gorphenaf (Gor.) July Mehefin (Meh.) June
Hydref/Hedref (Hyd./Hed.) October Rhagfyr (Rhag.) December
Ionawr (Ion.) January Tachwedd (Tach.) November