1849 Marriage Index [Missing for Volume No 27]

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This file is one of 27 files covering the 27 volumes of the St Catherine's Marriage Index for the March quarter of 1849.
Errors in the St Cath's index are generally shown by giving the St Cath's data in square brackets. For example this may indicate that St Cath's gives a wrong volume no. or district name.
Where I am uncertain about a page number, I repeat the page no. with a question mark. Where I am uncertain of one digit in a page no. I query that digit.
All names are sorted into page sequence. Some pages are found to have an uneven no. of entries. This may reflect unclear fiche, or a page-no. error in the index, or may in many cases indicate an alias or variant spellings in the original record, or simply a double entry of the same name. Or it may be an indexing/copying error at St Cath's. Or it may be my error. If a user of these files is able to correct an error, please let me know. In some cases
I have been able to clarify the page no. because of the number of names in the different pages. In many cases I have abbreviated district names but I hope they are sufficiently obvious. Personal names are given in full, but where St Cath's shows an abbreviation (eg Elizth or Thos) I have shown it highlighted.
Marriage partners identified through the UK Marriage Witness system are indicated.
Mike Foster : New Zealand June 1995

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