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In going through The MS. Order Books of the Common Council we find that by far the greatest number of entries in Them refers to The “presentation" or election of burgesses. Beginning With the year 1685, that of The accession of James II., down to 1820, there are few years in which the minutes do not contain the names of men so elected by The Council.
In his address, in 1902, to The Caermarthen Chamber of Commerce, on the Corporation’s his tory, Mr. R. M. Thomas, Town Clerk, said that “the burgesses were always a limited class, and to a great extent non-resident. The title of burgess depended on tenure of land. There were other ways of becoming a burgess; for instance, by serving seven years’ apprenticeship to a bur gess. but for the most part it depended upon tenure, and it continued to be pretty much the same right up to the year 1835. He had an old burgess list for the year 1818, and he thought there were 700 burgesses on it. But only about 250 of these would be resident in the borough.”

With but slight variations the oath taken on admission was: “You Shall from henceforth he a true and faithful subject, and bear true Allegiance to our present Sovereign Lord the King, his heirs and lawful successors his

You shall aid and maintain all his Majesty’s laws and statutes to the utmost of your skill and knowledge

You shall be a true and faithful burgess in word and deed to this his Majesty’s County of the Borough of Caermarthen; and as a true and faithful burgess you shall justly and truly aid, uphold and maintain all such liberties and grants as are given by Charter or otherwise to the said County of the Bor ough of Caermarthen, by his late Majesty, and his most royal progenitors, setting aside all displeasure, favour, love or reward. You shall at all times when needful and required by yourself or estate, bear tax and pay Scott and loot within this county of the borough of Caermarthen .

You shall be obedient to the Mayor of this County of the borough for the time being, and when resident within the same be forth coming at his lawful callings, precepts, and commandments.

You shall uphold and maintain to the uproots of your power all such lawful acts and ordinances which are made or hereafter shall he made within this County of the borough for the better rule and government of the commonwealth of the same.

You shall be obedient to the officers of this county of the borough in justly assisting every of them in the execution of their offices, if you shall be thereunto required and at all times when the common bell of this town shall be rung (if you are within the hearing of the same), or at any other time whensoever the Mayor shall send for you, if you are within the liberties of the said bor ough you shall bring with you such weapons defensible as you, ye for the preservation of his Majesty’s peace, and you shall forthwith thereupon incontinently [i.e. immediately] resort unto the said Mayor with the said weapons, and not depart from him without his special licence: these things and every of them you shall well and truly do and perform.
In 1686, the “gentlemen or the council” took the “oath of burgess,” and that of the Common Council together with this oath

“I, A. B., do hold that there lies no obliga tion upon rue or any other person for the oath commonly called the Solemn League and Covenant, and that ye same was in itself an unlawful oath, and Imposed upon the subjects of this realm against the known laws and liberties of this kingdom.”

From the exceeding great number of names entered in the Order books, the following are extracted; they include names of more than or dinary interest, and references to various trades. All remarks within the square brackets [ ] are notes added by the compiler, the year is that of presentation.

1685.—Be it remembered that ANTHONY FFARINGTON, sergeant-at-law, and THOMAS GEERS, Esquire, Judges of the Great Sessions of the several counties of Caermarthen Pembroke, and Cardigan; and RICHARD MANSELL, of Iscoed, Esquire, High Sher iff of the County of Caermarthen; and RICHARD GWYNN, Esquire, of Gwmpa, were sworn burgesses of the said County Borough .

[Anthony Ffarington was Second Justice of the Caermarthen Circuit, February to December, 1685, the year of his pre sentation as burgess and Chief Justice thereof, from then. until the 28th Feb ruary, 1688, when his patent was re voked. having in the meanwhile been knighted in 1687. Thomas Geeres was M.P. for Hereford, 1685-7, a appointed Second Justice of the Caermarthen Cir cuit. December, 1686; transferred to the Brecknock Circuit, June, 1686, and was First Justice thereof November, 1683 to 1689, when all the Welsh Judges were changed after the Revolution ]

So early as the year 1568, we find the Common Council defining who shall be and who shall not be burgesses :-
“Item, nonne to be admitted a commoner but such as be burgesses, in this towne, the Recorder only excepted; nor nonne to be made burgesses hereafter except he hath byne abiddinge in the Towne the space of one holle yeare.”

1633. November 26.- LEWIS LLOYD, hatter, petitioned unto the members of the Coin- Council for his admittance to be a burgess of this County Borough, and to exercise his trade of a hatter. Where upon we, finding our town destitute of such a tradesman, hath agreed to admit. Lewis Lloyd to be cue of the burgesses of the town, and to execute his trade upon these conditions, —that he, Lewis Lloyd shall pay for his admittance the sum of three pounds of good and lawful English money, and to enter into a bond of £100, not to meddle with any other trade, or exercise any other mystery, but only the trade ef a hatter, whereupon Lewis Lloyd hath paid to John Hughes, Chamberlain of the town the sum of £3
[So recently as the year 1867 there was a stall in the Market-place for the sale of Welsh women’s felt hats, kept by one Lloyd. See the year 1709-10, ut infra.]

1686. March 25.—Mem. That the most noble HENRY, DUKE OF BEAUFORT, was, upon the 21st day of this instant, March. sworn Recorder, Justice of the Peace, and one of the Common Council of this County Borough of Caermarthen, by me Godfrey Harcourt, Esq., by virtue of a power to me granted, and by the Charter of the said County Bor ough.
[In the “Progress,” p. cciii, we read:
“At time Town Hall, His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, at ye humble request of ye Magistracy vouchsaf’d Caermarthen the honour of being recorded . . . of their Common Council, and Burgess or Freeman of This ancient Corporation.]

1686. March 27. CHARLES DE LANCY,
[Baronet, of Westmead; Mayor, 1686-7].

[Of Trimsaran; H.S., 1688.]

[Knight; of Rhydowen Mayor, 1687-8 “On 2nd October, 1088, there was a new election of Mayor and Sheriffs, according to the old charter of King James, which was then restored by proclamation to all Corporations, and Martyn Beynon sworn Mayor instead of Sir Rice Williams; ye same Sheriffs continued.” c.f. MS. vol. panes Mr. R. M. Thomas.]

[Knight, of Llanwrda; d., 1696 father of Sir Thomas Powell, Bart. (founder of The school at Caermarthen which bore his name); one of the Court who tried and so quitted the Seven Bishops, for which noble judgement, in direct opposition to the known wishes of James II Sir John was "exonerated" ‘ oncrated” from the bench 3 July, 1688.]

[Of Talinris; Mayor, 1687-S.]

[Of Llechdwny; Mayor, J 681-2; Sheriff of the County Borough, 1673; H.S., 1657 and 1669.]

[Deputy Registrar; Mayor, 1693-94.]

[Of Alltycadno; H.S., 1684 and 1707.1

[Of Caermarthen; Mayor, 1661-2; one of the “pious benefactors to the town”; bur. 19 February, 1673/4.]

[Clerk, MA.; vicar of St. Peter’s, where read his memorial tablet; founder of Meyricks Library and School; d., 24 April, 1713.]

[Of Caermarthen; mercer; the royalist who lent a considerable sum to the Earl of Ca1rbery to further the King’s cause, and put forth a man m arms; but ‘when the forces from Pembrokeshire advanced on Carmarthen he fled to Bristol; one of the pious benefactors to the town; Mayor, 1648-9 and 1677-8.]

[Of Caermarthen; mercer, Mayor, 1662-3.]

[Of Caermarthen; Mayor, 1678-9.]

[Of Castell Piggin; Mayor, 1668-9; in place of Griffith William’s. who died in office, and in 1705-6, when he himself died in office.]

[About this time several a en surnamed Lewis had a part in the public life of the town; it is not easy to identify some of them. Possibly the G. L. Armiger, who d. the 21st 1)December, 1715, aet. 6O; tab let in St. Peter’s Church.]



[Baronet; of Aberglasney; Sheriff of The County Borough, 1686; Mayor, 1701-2.)

[A strenuous asserter of the right and privileges of the inhabitants of this ancient Corporation, died 11 August, 1730. aged 85; read his memorial in St. Peter’s Church Mayor, 1684/5].

1693 April 26.- ROBERT DYER, gent., or-tiered to be sworn burgess of this County Borough, at his own petition.

[Of Aberglasney; father (?) of Robert Dyer (d. 1752, aet. 55), who was father of Robert Archer, Francis, and John (poet) Dyer.]

1695 September 30.—We also think fitt that MARTYN EALY, taylor, be made a burgess of this County Borough, and do order he be accordingly swore.

1696 September 7.—THOMAS POWELL, of Broadmead, Esquire.
[Baronet, 1698; s. of Sir John Powell. Kt.; Attorney General of the Caermarthen Circuit. 1695-1715; founder of the school.]

1696 WILLIAM LEWIS, Bristol, gent.

1699 Oct 12 - HENRY LLOYD, of Llanarnthey [sic], Esquire.


1699 WILLIAM LLOYD, gent.

1700 Oct 2. ZACHERY BEVAN, of Laugharne gent., upon payment of five guineas for the use of the Corporation. Builder, in 1698, of the house in Quay Street, which yet carries his “Z. B.” in stone on front wall father of Arthur Bevan, Recorder of Caermarthen who married Bridget Vaughan, of Cwrt Derllys, known as “Madam” Bevan ; d. 22 February. 1715, aet. 59.]

1700 WILLIAM PRYTHERCH, ironmonger, provided he pay down four pounds to the use of the Corporation before the 4th November; but if he does not pay dawn the £4, the day after it is ordered that Mr. Prytherch's shop he shut, and that he do not for the future be permitted to keep open shop.
[Prytherch would be a new comer to the town, and not a member of his trade guild; probably that of the Hammermen, established at Caermarthen so early as the year 1568, which took action and brought the intruder to the notice of the Common Council.]

1702 Oct. 5.—THOMAS LLOYD, gent., Sheriff
[Apothecary ; lived at Llanllawddog Mayor, 1717-18.]

1702 WILLIAM WILLIAM THOMAS gent., sheriff. [Mercer.]

1702 Oct. 5.—THOMAS LLOYD, gent., Sheriff. [Of Llanllawddog Apothecary; Mayor 1717].

1702 WILLIAM THOMAS, gent, Sheriff. [Of Duffryn Mayor, 1721.]

1705 Oct. 4.- HENRY WALTER, sergeant at mace.
[One of his duties was to summon the members of the Common Council to the meetings in the Guildhall ]

1705 Oct. 4.—HENRY WALTER, sergeant-at-mace .

1709 Aug. 7.— RICHARD LEWIS, Cwm dwran, gent.

1709 March 7.—Kt.. ROBERT LLOYD. son of Edward Lloyd of the said. County Borough felt-maker, sworn a burgess (he having served his father for the term of seven years an apprentice to ye trade of feltmaking), and petitioned for ye same who was accordingly sworn before me, Win . Gower, Mayor.

1709 Aug. 7.—RICHARD LEWIS, Cwmdwran gent.

1710 June 14.—Em. Kt.. JONATHAN SCUR LOCK, son of John Sent-lock, of ye said County Wm. Alderman. was sworn burgess, according to ye petition before me, Wm . Gower, Mayor.
[Alderman Scurlock, attorney-at-law, lived at Blaencorse, where he died in 1715; his brother Jonathan died in 1683. He served Mayor 1702-3, the immediate successor to Sir Anthony Rudd, and was, 1710-11, Deputy Mayor for John Vaughan of Court Derllys, the Mayor. Both these brothers Scurlock were benefactors to the town. Jonathan gave 20 shillings yearly by his will, dated 15 June, 1682, of which ten shillings was to be paid for a sermon upon St. Peter’s Day; and the remaining ten for bread to the poor on the same day. John left ten shillings for a sermon on St. John the Evangelist’s Day. Sir Richard Steele married Jonathan’s daughter.]

[Of Nanteos, co. Cardigan; sergeant at law, 1683; one of The Council of the Marches of Wales, 1687; Baron of the Ex chequer, 1688; Justice of the King's Bench, 6 July, 1688, to March, 1689; knighted (not baroneted) at Whitehall, 1 May, 1687; see his portrait at Nantoes]


1712 Oct. 6.—Sir NICHOLAS WILLIAMS, Bar onet.
[County member, 1722 (on petition). 1727 1734, 1741.]

1712 Oct 6.—SIR NICHOLAS WILLIAMS Baronet.
[In 1722, contested the county seat with Edward Rice. On petition the Return was amended by order of the House, dated 18th December, 1724, by erasing name of Rice, and substituting that of Sir Nicholas. The under-sheriff was fined £500 for foul play. Sir Nicholas was descended of the Williamses ef Rhydodyn and Edwinsford. This Sir Nicholas was the son of Sir Rice Williams, Kt., by his second wife, Mary. dau. and co-heir of John Vaughan, of Llanelly Esquire. Sir Nicholas was like wise Lord Lieutenant of the county, and “Chamberlain of Brecon, Radnor, and Glamorgan.” He m. Mary, dau. of Charles Cocks, Esquire, and died s.u. in 1744.]

1712. WILLIAM DAVIES, late of Gray’s Inn.

1714 April 24.—DAVID LLOYD, apothecary; he paying two guineas for his freedom.
[ Remarkable in his profession, which he followed with great success for near 40 years.” He m. Margaret, dau. of John Herbert, of Cwrt Henry, Esquire, by whom he had issue nine children; he d. the 13th March, 1752, aet. 64. Tablet in St Peter’s Church.]

1714. Oct. 29 - THOMAS HOWELLS,

1714 April 24.—DAVID LLOYD. apothecary he paying two guineas for his freedom.
[Married Margaret, dau. John Herbert, of Cwrt Henry, Esq.; d. 13 March, 1752, net 64, ut supra.]

1714 Oct. 29.- THOMAS HOWELLS, Llanstephan

1716-17 March. 2. - GRISMOND PHILIPPS, Esquire. [Of Cwmgwili H.S., 1715.]

1716-17—JOHN HERBERT, gent. [Of Court Henry.]

1716-17—JOHN GRIFFITHS, gent. [Of Castel Pigyn; H.S., 1722.]

No person for the future that is liable to pay toll within twelve miles of this corporation, be admitted a burgess unless he pays £10, for his freedom.

1717, August 7.—REES WILLIAMS, ironmonger, £2 2s.
[A family of this surname was long en gaged in the ironmongery trade; the shop was part of the property forming the char ity of Sir Thomas Powell, Bart: Thos. Williams d. 1789, aet. .57.]

1717 Sept. 30.—WILLIAM BRIOSTOCKE, Esq.

[The essayist; lived then at Ty Gwyn, parish of Llangunnor (house subsequently
Admiral Sir Herbert Sawyer); afterwards removed his residence to King Street, where ‘he died, and was buried in the Scurlocks’ vault in St. Peter’s Church. Burial entry in register reads: “ 1729, Sep.
4. Sir Richard Steel; his wife was dau. of Jonathan Scurlock; their dau., Elizabeth, for whom a duel was fought at Bath m, James Philips, of Pentypare, co. Pem., Esq, Alcwyn Evans (d. 1902) had in ‘his collec tion of local objects a silken ribbon, -with which Sir Richard used to tie his wig; it was found in his grave when re-opened dur ing some repairs to that part of the Church.


[From time to time Caermarthen has been the home of educated Frenchmen. In -1770, M. Theband, alias Mathwrian Danet, was a resident, and taught French at 5s. per month, being encouraged by the Rev. Jenkin Jenkins D D of the Presbyterian College, and otters. ‘In 1870, M. Joseph Germain Regis, a barrister-at-law, lodged in the town with the parents of Mr. A. Llewellin Davies; he gave French lessons— he who writes this is one of his grateful pupils—he ‘had taken part in some revolu tionary struggle, had been shot in the knee; was exiled by Napoleon III. subsequently pardoned, and died in France.]
[Prominent in town affairs; d. “Monday, 30 Jan., 1770, at 7 o’ th’ clock in the morning, and was bur, in St. Peter’s Church, the 1st Feb.; six pall bearers, Rebert Morgan, James Hughes, attorney, Francis James, attorney esquires; Rev. Mr Rogers; Rev. Mr. Harvard; and Dr. Edwards two mourners, or rather attendants behind ye Sir Wm. Mansell, and George Philips, esquire. The above 5 had scarves and hat bands; James Evans, car penter; Hugh Jones, clerk, hatbands.”]

1724 Oct. 5.—That ENOCH JAMES, his shop be shut, having refused to be swarm burgess of this Corporation.

[About this period the presentation of burgesses end possibly other matters were recorded in a MS. volume, which has long been missing from the town’s muniment chest; it is supposed to have been lent and not returned, and to be in . private hands in the county borough. In the
above alluded to lecture by Mr. R. M. Thomas, we read that “Mr. Alcwyn Evans ‘had an old book which contained Corporation matters.” In it, in all likelihood, will be found the next presentation, that of John Hensleigh.]

1737 Oct. 3.—JOHN HENSLEIGH, and four other gentlemen .
[Sheriff of the county borough, 1740-41; lived, 1768, at “Panteague,” i.e., Panteg; see letter’ from him to David Williams, ut infra, “Transactions” C.A.S., i., 96; d. 28 Jan., 1769, at the Red Lion, Caermarthen then, net 64, and bur. at his own parish church, Llanddewi, in Pembrokeshire His dau. and heiress Elizabeth, m. John H. Allen, and had issue John Heasleigh Allen. father of Henry George Alien, K.C.]

[Extracts now resumed from Order Books .]

1738 Oct. 2.—DANIEL WILLIAMS, of Mothvey, gent.

1738 - DAVID WILLIAMS, of Caermarthen, attorney-at-law .
[David Williams lived in King Street; had an extensive county practice; father of Erasmus—” Muss,” and or “Mussy ‘—Williams who predeceased him; owner of Lhryuwormwood, which he left to his nephew, George Griffles, who thereupon added Williams to ‘his name, later received a baronetcy and, in 1814, was presented burgess of Lampeter. David Williams was on friendly terms with Sir Herbert Lloyd, Ban., Peterwell, u’ho writing from Tun bridge Wells, on 30th August, 1761, says to his cousin, John Joibnes, Dolaucothi “David Williams, the Attorney of Caer marthen (who lives with me), and came very ill here 3 weeks ago, is greatly recovered, and out of Danger now, and will return with me to Wales.”]

1738 - RICHARD STEPHEN, mariner.

1739, March 30.—JAMES PHILLIPS, clerk.

1739 —JOHN WARREN, gent.
[The first appearance of a name which has since been closely identified with town affairs, William de Grouchy Warren (son- in-law of James Rowlands, surgeon) served Mayor, 1861-63.]

[Of Cwmgwili; defeated candidate for the borough representation in 1741; elected in 1751 in place of vice Admiral Thomas Matthews, deceased; again in 1754 de feating Sir Thomas Stepney; sworn Recorder of the town on the 2nd April, 1750; again on the 20th August, 1764; d. 27th March, 1780. On the 5th April, 1744, he and Mr. Adams, of Whitland, sitting on the Bench in the Guild Ball, licensed Thos. Williams author of the “Oes—lyfr,” to preach as a dissenting minister; one of the eight bearers at the funeral in St. Peter’s Church, on the 24th October, 1766, of Thomas Jones, of Wythiawr, attorney.]


1739 - THOMAS HANCORNE, gent.

1739 - BEES SAUNDERS, gent., he paying £8 3s. for his freedom.


1739 May 15.—ARNOLD MADDOCKS, segeant-at-mace .


1739 —ROGER PHILIPPS, Doctor of Physic. [Mayor, 1755-56, being sworn in by mandamus issued from the King’s Bench, in the presence of only nine Councilmen.]

1739 —DAVID EDWARDES, of Rhydygors, gent.
[Mayor, 1753-54; s. of David Edward’s, Captain RN, who d. 1733, and was hour. 18th August, in St. Peter’s Church. The Magus MSS. give Edward AB John, Mar garet, dau. David Morgan, CAE.
David Edwardes, Alderman of Caermarthen then, m. Lleneu, dau. John Harri ab Rhys, Llangathen
David Edwardes, Rhydygors, Alderman of Caermarthen, in. Sage, dau. and co-heir. John Morus, Alderman of Caermarthen.
David Edwardes, Esq., etc., m. Eliz., dau. David Jones, of Llwyn-y-ffortyn.
David Edwardes, in. Eliz. dau. David Morgan, Coed Llwyd, in Clydey.
Thomas Edwardes, Esq., m. Lettice, dau. David Lloyd, Ffoes-y-bleiddiaid.
David Edwardes, Captain RN., m, See pp. 11, 12.]

1739 - WILLIAM BLOME, gent.
[Thomas Blome served Mayor, 1784-85. The Blome or Bloome family were descendants of Bp. Melburne, and lived at Pen-y- banc, farmhouse razed and present man sion of Brynmyrddin built on its site.]

1739, Oct. 1.—EUGENE VAUGHAN, Esquire.
[Of Plas Gwyn, “obit early this morning, 28 Feb., 1769, aged abt. 54 years.” Arthur James (d. 9 April, 1884, in S. Africa), youngest s. of Colonel Eugene J. Vaughan, was one of the Caermarthen schoolfellows of the compiler of this list.]

[Alderman; one of the Three Mayors chosen in 1749; disfranchised with six others by the Common Council.]

1739 - THOMAS RICHARDS. tobacco row ler.

1739 - WM. JOHNSON, gent.
[Possibly son of “James Johnson, a Scotch-man, sworn Mayor in 1722.]

1739 - JOHN EVANS, currier.

1740, Aug. 7.—WILLIAM THOMAS, corvisor.
[Sworn in Mayor, 1746, “by young Nathaniel Morgan, without going into the Council Chamber, according to ancient custom]

1740 - DAVID PHILIPPS, clerk.

1740 - THOMAS COBNER peruke-maker.

1741, Dec. 29. - JOHN WOGAN Esq.
[Was this the last John Wogan, of Boulston co. Pembroke; a relative of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton?]

1741 - THOS. EYNON, clerk.
[Headmaster of the Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth.]

1741 - JOHN DAVIES, glover.

1741 - JOHN BROWN, gent .

1741 - RICHARD GWYNNE gent . [Of Middleton Hall; H.S. 1761.]

1741 - WILLIAM JOHNES, clerk.

1741 - JOHN MORGAN, surgeon.

1741 - PETER SKYRM or SKYM, barber.
[In 17.57 there was an attorney-at-law named H. Skyrme, at Llanwhaden Sir Herbert Lloyd, Bart. of Peterwell, called bim "such a villain.’’ Skyrme "told him he deserved to he kicked.” See the or iginal letters at Dolaucothi. Was Peter in any way related ?]

1741 - ROBERT REES, corvisor.


1741 - GEORGE OAKLEY. gent.
[A family of some note here in the eighteenth century; connected with the Leigh and Rees families; Oakley Leigh, bap. 23 Feb., 1748, at St. Peters Church, where see tablet to memory of George Oak ley, d. 12 Nov., 1767, wife Margaret; Thomas Oakley, surgeon, and others. See also “Lampeter,” 1905, var. pp. George Oakley was sworn Mayor of Caermarthen in 1640; John Oakley in 1662. Borvaventura now simply Bona, is a name yet re maining in the town.]

1741, April 11 —JAMES BURRESTON.

1741 - HUGH JONES, corvusor.

1742. May 17.—BARZILLAI JONES, gent.

1742, Oct. 4.—JOHN FRANCIS heel-maker.

1745, Sept. 30.—OAKLEY REES, clerk
[Vicar of Llanarthney, and rector of Penboyr d. 9 Nov., 1770; btw, in The chancel of St. Peter’s Church on the 13th Nov mourners were - "Rev. Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Owen Rees the Curate Mr. Wm. Leigh, and Dr. Roch. The bearers, Rev. Mr . Havard. Rev. Mr. Pardo, Rev. Mr. Thomas Williams Mr. James Hughes, Mr. Nathanial Morgan, and Mr. Thomas Jones, at torney.” his wife had been buried in the same grave on the 21st April, 1766, she had 10 nearers all scarfs and gloves,” amongst then Ajex, Scurlock and the Rev. Dr. Pardo, 2 - mourners in cloaks Rees Price and Owen Rees Esquires, and 6 “attend ants with hatbands and gloves.” Cf. MSS. Charles Diggle Williams ]

1745 - JAMES NEWLAND, gent.
[Sworn in Town Clerk on the 6th August 1764, under the charter granted for George III. ; d. 22nd Jany., 1770.]

1749, Sept. 18.—NATHANIEL MORGAN, gent, town clerk .

1749 - JOHN COBBlE, gent.
[The Corrie family was long connected with the Independent congregation worshipping in Lammas Street Chapel, where see monumental tablet; H.S. 1762; d. -at Yscarhir, 22nd Augt., 1772, aet. 62 elected one of the first 20 Common Council men on 10th Aug. 1761, under the char ter of 4 George III.]

1749 - JAMES CORRIE, gent.
[Brother to above; sons of John Corrie (d. 1731), who was interred under his own seat in the Meeting House.’’]

1749 - JOIIN RHYDDERCH, corvisor.

1749 - THOMAS PHILLIPS stamper [braz ier].

1749 - SAMUEL THOMAS, of The Academy. [The Rev. Samuel Thomas, obit 8 Sept., and sepult 11th following, 1766. The char acter pronounced at The grave was— "The agreeable and social Companion; The benevolent and inoffensive Neighbour;
The affectionate and tender Relative; The warm and faithful friend; The pious, cheerful and humble Christian: The learned, instinctive, and fatherly Tutor The sincere and prudent Minister. Cf. MSS> of Charles Diggle Williams.]

1749 - RICHARD ASTON, Esq, presented with the freedom as Burgess of
this Corporation. [Attorney; lived at Ramsbury Wilt shire. consulted by Corporations and Courts Leet on legal points; cf. “Lampeter,” 1905, pp. 26-7.]

1755, June 14.—SIR THOMAS STEPNEY. Bart. [The defeated candidate in election of borough member the year previous; 6th baronet; d. 1772.]

1755 - DAVID JONES GWYNNE, Esquire.

1755 - RICHARD VAUGHAN, of Golden Grove, Esquire.
[His portrait hangs in the staircase gallery at Golden Grove, where he lived most of his days, and seems to have been be loved and respected; a lover and a reader of books, several owned by him are yet at Golden Grove, and contain his book plate; Anne. Duchess of Bolton bequeathed him her books. He and his s., John Vaughan as first and second vouchers, did on the 30th March, 1778 “ Suffer a recovery “ at Carmarthen and so cut off the Entail of the estates inherited by his father, John Vaughan, from Anne, Duchess of Bolton, i.e., when John came of age, on which occasion he gave a supper at Morgan Lewis’s storehouse, one of the invitations and cards “to be delivered at the door to avoid con fusion” was in the possession of the late George Spurrell. He died at Brecon, on his way to Bath, the 17th October, 1180, aged 57 years and one day.]


1755 - CHARLES PHILIPPS, Esq., of Llan debie.
[D. 4th bur. 9th feb,. 1770, at Llande bie, aet. 67; “ six bearers with scarves and hatbands, Mr. Griff. Havard, clk., John Williams, postmaster Dd. Williams at— tonney; Mr. Nath. Morgan ; John Lewis, merchant; Robert Morgan. Others with scarves and hatbands, Mr. Oakley Rees, elk ; Tlios. Griffith, of Cold: Jno. Harries, Castle Piggin; etc. Thos. Lloyd, vicar of Llaadebie, and ye only one of that party N.B. - All in the hearing had gloves. Cf. MSS. Thos. Diggle Williams]

1755 - RICHARD GWYNNE, of Taliaris, Esq.

1755 - JOHN HARRIES, Esq. - of Castle Piggia.

1755 - ESSEX DEVEREUX JONES, of Caermarthen Esq. surgeon.

1755 - ROBERT MORGAN, of the county borough, gent .
[One of the six pall bearers on the 1st Feb 1770, at the funenal of Alexander Scurlock, Esq.]

1755 - NATHANIEL MORGAN, of the county borough. gent.

1755 - JOHN MORGAN. son of Charles Morgan gent., deceased.

1755 - EVAN BROOKES, of Llandebie.

1755, June 30 - PHILIP PHILIPPS & JOHN PHILIPPS. gents sons of Thomas Philipps, of Lampeter Velfrey, gent

1756, May 31 - REV. GRIFFITH WHITE HAVARD, of the county borough.
[On account of his many amiable and social qualities, was beloved and respected when living, and lamented when. dead; d. 30th October. 1752, aet. 59 years.” Tablet in St. Peter’s Church.]

1756 - JOHN LEWES late of Dolehaidd. now of the county borough gent.

1756 - JOHN WOOD, apothecary.

1756 - THOMAS JONES, apothecary.

1756 - ILTID EVANS, of Howard Gate, at torney-at-law.
[Prohainly the same man who was presented Mayor of Aberystwyth 1753, and admitted burgess at the Easter Court Leet, 1749; a deputy mayor was appointed to act for him when absent from the town”; and at the QS. Epiphany,,1753, The Cardigan County Treasurer was ordered to pay him 33s. 8d., his bill for business done.” Cf. Aberystwyth: Court Leet,” 1902, Pp. 12, 146.]

1757, July 25—REV. DAVID MORGAN, Tregib.

1764, Augt. 6 - The Charter of 4 GeorgeIII brought Carmarthen this morning by Geo. Rice, Esq., of Newton, and being arrived at the Guildhall they did proceed to sware the Mayor, Albert Davids, Esq., before 12 Comissioners nominated out of the 40 Royal Burgesses named in the Charter (marked c), and after swore the following Royal. Burgesses of the Charter [Those marked * were elected the first 20 Common Council men on the 10th Augt following.]

1764 - c. *GEORGE RICE, Esq.
[Mayor 1718-79; d. 3 Aug 1779 at Here ford; was a Privy Councillor and Treasurer to George III. ; Custos Rotulorum of Caer marthenshire, aind Colonel of Caermarthen militia. M.P. for the county.]

1764 - c. *ROBERT B. HETCHINSON, Esq .

1764 - c. *HOWEL GWYN, Esq.

1764 - c. *GRIF . PHILIPS, Esq.

1764 - c. *GWYN DAVIES, Esq.
[“Of Cwm, d. between 27th and 28th Nov,.1767 in the night.”]

1764 - c. *CHARLES PHILIPS, Esq. [Of Llandybie, ut supra.]

1764 - s. *OW. BRIUSTOCK, Esq.

1764 - c. *JNO. JOHNS, Esq.

1764 - c. *DAVID EDWARDS, Esq. LOt Rhydygors. ]

1764 - *ARTHUR JONES, Esq. [Mayor, 17(58-69.]

1764 - *ALEX SCURLOCK, Esq .
[D. 30 Jany., 1770, ‘ Of a munday at 7 o’clock in the morn, and was bur. the 1st Feb. Six pall hearers: Robert Morgan, Esq.; Rev .Mr. Rogers; Rev, Mr. Havard; James Hughes, attorney, ; Dr. Edwards Francis James, attorney. Two mourners, or rather attendants behind ye corps, Sir Wm. Mansel and Geo. Philips, Esq. The above 8 had scarves and hatbands, James Evans, carpenter, and Hugh Jones clerk, hatbands.” Cf. MSS. Charles Diggle Williams]

1764 - JOHN CORRIE, Esq.
[See it supra. One of the two Sheriff Peers, 1705.]

1764 - *EDWARD PARRY, Esq.
[Sworn Mayor 1st Oct., 1704.]

1764 - *JNO. LEWIS, Esq.

1764 - *RICHARD WILSON, Capt.
[D. 23rd June 1772 aet. about 63.]

1764 - GEORGE LEWIS, Esq.
[Of Barnsfield; Mayor, 1778-79.]

1764 - REV. JNO. ROGERS.
[Vicar of Caermarthen, 1752-96.]



[Died in his Mayoralty, the night between the 21st and 22nd April, 1766, aet. 68; bur. 25th same month]

1764 - GEORGE OAKLEY. [See at supra.]

1764 - ALBERT DAVIS, Esq., Mayor.
[First Mayor under the new charter. In his time the remainder part of the Commons was rented out, in order to pay the debts that ran upon the Borough in her confutions.” Cf. MS Royal Institu tion, Swansea.]


1764 - JNO HARRIES, Esq.

1764 - GRIFFITH WHITE HAVARD, Clerk [See ut supra.] .

1764 - JNO. LEWIS, Merchant.

1764 - JNO. PHILIPS, Merchant.

1764 - * THOMAS MORRIS, Merchant.

1764 - GEORGE JAMES Merchant.

1764 - JNO. WILLIAMS, Postmaster.

1764 - SIR THOS. STEPNEY. Bart., absent. [See, ut supra.]

1764 - *JAMES PHILIPS, Esq., absent.

1764 - R. POWEL, clerk, absent.

1764 - c. GEO. BEVAN, Sq.
[“Of Glasfryn ; one of the Royal Bur gesses, died on the 14th Aug., 1765, by a fall from his horse near Glyn and was bur. at St. Peter’s Churchyard ye 17th” Of. MSS. Charles Diggle Williams]

1764 - CHAS. WILLIAM: gent.

[Of Moel-y-cwm, Mayor, 1777-78.]

Exciseman at Llanstephan; Sheriff to A. Davis, Mayor.]


1764 - GRIF. EVAN, Smith.

1764 - JNO. LEWIS WATKIN. [d. 29 Sept., 1770.]

1784, Oct 1st. Freeholders at £4 per annum. to be ad mitted burgesses on 15th Oct.; Landholders at £10 rent, to be admitted 29th Oct; the 33 petitioning freeholders were as Follows:
[Marked “s” were sworn the first forntnight night Court, viz., 15th Oct. being in No. 27; the oThers not Present.”]

1764, Oct 15st - sALBERT DAVIS, Esq. [See ut supra]

1764 - sWOODFORD RICE. High Sheriff.
[d. in the night ‘twixt ye 8th and 9th of This inst. 9th Feb. 1771, aet. about 64; bur. the 11th in the Mayor’s Chapel; Hatbands bands and gloves; Rev. Mr. Rogers; Rev. Mr. Thos. Williams; Dr. Warlow; Mr. Richard Phees; his son Mr. Dd. Rice and his grandson Mr. Rice of Godtre in cloaks; Mr. James Evans coffin maker.”
Dr. Warlow, “‘apothecary,” d. of “his fever” on the 17th May, 1773. aet. 32, and was bur. in St. Peter’s Church on the 20th

1764 - sRICHARD. PHILIPS. Pistill Dewi.

1764 - sTHOS. VAUGHAN, Clistenog, Esq.

1764 - ARTHUR OWEN, Esq.

1764 - sTHOMAS JONES, Admiral.
[“ Of Job’s Well, Esq. called Admiral d. March, 1769, aged being in his 63rd year; bur. 20th inst. in his vault in the church of St. Peter’s; bearers Mr. Rees Price; Rev. Mr. Pardo; Rev. Mr Rogers, Mr. Owen Rees ; Mr . Dd. Thomas; Dr. James.” His wife d. 15th Nov., 1767, “Mrs. Jones wife of Thos. Jones, Esquire., alias Admiral. st 10 a.m., aged 68 years, 5 mnths. and 4 days, and was bur. in a vault made in St. Peter’s Churchyard at 6 o’clock in the eve., being Wednesday the 18th . Two hat bands, Rev. Mr. John Rogers and Rev. Mr. Oakley Rees; ; men mourners, Thos. Jones, Esq. ; Thos. Jones, jr. ; and Wirriot Davies ; women mourners, Mistress Lloyd, of Lakes ; Rachel Rogers ; Miss Davies ; Mch. Smith’s wife ; his maid and her maid.” Cf. MSS. Charles Diggle Wms]

1764 - WM. JONES, tanner.

1764 - sTHOS. JONES, Craven House.

1764 - ???? CLAYTON, Esq.

1764 - sDAVID SCURLOCK, clerk

1764 - sWM. REES, of Laugharne Esquire

1764 - JNO. FOUNTAIN, Owm Castle

1764 - sGEO. WILLIAMS, of Dolewyrd.

1764 - sJOHN THOMAS butcher. [d. 18th August, 1768 “and bur. at St Peter’s, aged on. his coffin, 60 years.”]

1764 - sBENJ. FRANCIS.

1764 - sLEWIS

1764 - sTHOS, GRIFFITHS, of Coed.

1764 - sRICHD. WILSON, saddler.

1764 - sJOHN DAVIES. Trawsmawr.

1764 - sTHOS. LEWIS, baker.

1764 - sJNO. RICHARDS, Llandeilo-cynys.

1764 - sGEO. WORRALL.

1764, Oct. ‘29.—POTTS DAVIES, clerk.

1764 - sJOHN REES , Rhyd-y-Rhaw,, ob.1769.

1764 - sGRIFF. LEWIS, fisher.

1764 - sTHOS. THOMAS, Pant.

1764 - sNAT. MORGAN.

1764 - WM. LEWELIN locksmith.
[ob.‘twixt 3rd and 4th Oct., 1770.]

1764 - sDANL. EVANS Wheat Sheaf.

1764 - sEVAN WM. Voss.

1764 - sTHOMAS DAVIES, Rose and Crown

1764 Oct. 29. - Landholders’ burgesses paying £10 per an, rent, in the parish of St. Peter, sworn at a Mayor’s Court held this day :-

1764 - JAMES NEWLAND , gent, town clerk
[d. 22 Jan. . 1770; Vaughan Horton (ut infra) succeeded him.]

1764 - SAMUEL THOMAS, minister of the Gospel.
[See 1749.]

1764 - THOMAS TAYLOR, mercer.

1764 - JAMES TAYLOR, tallow chandler

1764 - THOMAS WILLIAMS clothier

1764 - MORRIS HOWELLS, mercer [Sworn Mayor, 1769.]

1764 - ARNOLD REES vintner [d. 18th Jan., 1770.1

1764 - WILLIAM WILLIAMS, vintner.
[Of “ye Bumper” ; ‘sworn Mayor, 1772.]

1764 - VAUGHAN HORTON, gent. [Town clerk 1770-57, when. resigned in favour of son Walter m. Miss Rerrean; The polished courtier united with the honest country gentleman.”]

1764 - WILLIAM DANIEL, mercer.
[bur. at St. Peter’s 22nd Feb., 1769,
aet 86.]

1764 - JOHN WILLIAMS, deputy customer [H.M. Customs.]

1764 - DANIEL ROBERTS, brazier.

1764 - PETER GEORGE, tyler. [d. 22nd Aug., 1769.]

1764 - JOHN WILLIAMS, rope maker. [Sworn Mayor, 1782.]

1764 - EVAN HARRY, farmer, Maes-y-prior

1764 - DAVID REES, farmer, Llanllwch

1764 - NATHANIEL THOMAS, farmer, Pen-Lan .

1764 - DAVID LEWIS. tanner.

1764 - HENRY GWYNN clockmaker

1764 - EVAN EVANS, Jeweller.
[d. 1st July, 1773, aet. 74, bur. in nave of St. Peter’s Church; gravestone covered by tiled pavement; on it is cut. "Reader, this stone is not placed here for ostentation or parade. It is a pious testimony of af fection to the deceased, and intended to remind thee of the frailty of human life.”]

1764 - THOMAS WILLIAMS, mercer

1764 - WILLIAM ROBERTS, gentleman, at torney-at-law .

1764 - DANIEL THOMAS, gentleman.

1764 - HENRY MORRIS, mercer. . [Sworn Mayor, 1770.]

1765, Oct 14. - GEORGE PHILIPS. of Coedgain, Esq.
[M.P. for Borough of Carmarthen 1780; d. 17 April. 1784, aet. 42; but, in St. Pet er’s Church.]

1765 - LEWIS PHILIPS, minister of ye Gos pel.

1765 - WILLIAM JONES, tanner.

1767. Oct. 5. - THEOPHILUS HOWELL, farmer by Rhid-Gorse.

1767 - RICHARD THOMAS malster.

1767 - JAMES WILLIAMS. victualler.

1767 - WILLIAM MORGAN, taylor.

1768, Oct. 3 - MILES THOMAS, farmer.

1768 - WILLIAM JOHN, malster.

1768 - WILLIAM JOHN, farmer.

1768 - WILLIAM BAYLIS, gardener.

1768 - DAVID EVAN, farmer.

1768 - JOHN GRIFFITH, merchant.

1768 - JOHN SAMBRUCK. dealer and chapman

1769, Oct. 2 - DAVID WILLIAMS, brazier. [Sworn Mayor, 1775.]

1769 - WALTER GEORGE, watchmaker. [Sworn Mayor, 1776.]

1770. Oct. 1 - DANIEL ROBERTS, brazier.

1770 - WM. MORGAN, gentleman.

1772, Oct. 5 - JEREMIAH PRICE, officer of Excise
[Verbi Divini Minister. or Verbi Dei, or Verhi Domini Minister often used by ordained men without degrees; ed. Presby terian College 1743-1746, min. From 1747-1755, Kenilworth 1755 d. 25 April, 1800, aet. 75; s. of John Corrie ut supra.]

1772 - GWYN VAUGHAN, Esq.
[Of Dolgwm; U.S. 1773; father (?) of John Vaughan (d. 1812), of Dolgwin. Cf. Transactions i. . 51.]

1773, Oct. 4 - REV. WM. RIGGS BARKER, Clerk.
[Cf. Grammer School Chapter. Transactions ii, var. pp.]

1776, Sept. 30—THOMAS LLOYD, olerk.

1778 Oct. 5—THOMAS BLOME. Esq.
[Of Pen~y-banc.; sworn Mayor, 1784.].

1778 - JOHN LLOYD. gent.
[Of Allt-yr-Odin.; sworn Mayor, 1780.]

1782, Oct. 30th. - REV. WALTER OWEN, clerk.

1782 - WILLIAM PRICE, Market Street, Apothecary.
[Sworn Mayor, 1788.]

1783, Oct. 6 - JOHN ROSS, printer.
[Came to Caermarthen 1743; printer of Peter Williams’s Bible, 1770; “by far the most eunflent and enterprising printer in the whole of Wales during the 18th cen tury; d. October, 1807. Cf. Notes by Mr. Waters in The “Journal,” 9th March. 1894 “Transactions,” i var. pp. ; ii.. 222.]

1784, Oct. 4—EDMUND STACEY, gent.
[Father of Edmund Hills Stacey; sworn Mayor, 104...]

[Postni ster; sworn Mayor 1705.]

1788, Oct. 6—RICHARD THOMAS, Esq.

1788 - WILLIAM BONNELL, gent.
[Attorney-at-law; sworn Mayor, 1793.]





1788 - WILLIAM HARRY, Trevaughan.

1789 Oct. 5.—DAVID DAVIES, shopkeeper.

1789 - DAVID PARRY, banker.
[Founded the Caermarthen Bank; succeeded by D. Morris and Sons.]

1789 - JOHN STACEY, shopkeeper.


1789 - THOMAS PHILLIPS, victualler.

1789 - RICHARD THOMAS, farmer

1789 - JOHN WILLIAMS, shopkeeper.

1789 - DAVID EVANS, victualler.

1791, Oct. 3.—THOMAS DAVIES. watchmaker

1791 - WILLIAM DAVIES, victualler.

1791 - WILLIAM BAILE, watchmaker
[In 1811, “John Baile, watchmaker became a tenant of the Corporation, in one of the houses in Upper Market Street, the property of Sir Thomas Powell’s Grammer School, In the Registers a St. Pet er’s Church are many entries pertaining to the family of Baile, Bayle. Bayl, and Bayly, 1730-1780. In the first half of the 19th century some members were living in Ty Mawr, Abergwili and there Major Baile died in 1831, - The name is to be found amongst those of the Huguenot refugees.]

1791 - DAVID JONES, Rose and Grown.

1791 - WILLIAM LEIGH, gent.

1791 - WILLIAM MORGAN, . Banker [Sworn Mayor in 1804]


1791 - JOHN THOMAS, gaoler.

1791 - PHILIP VAUGHAN, ironmaster

1798, Oct. 1 - JOHN THOMAS, Buffalo, victualler

1798 - THOMAS BOSTOCK, scriviner.

1800, Oct. 6 - JEREMIAH PRICE gent.

[Master of Sir Thomas Powell’s Gram mar School; Principal of the Presbytarian College, and minister of Lammas Street Chapel.]

1800 - JOHN DANIEL, printer. [Apprentice of John Ross; on 3rd March, 1810, ‘ho issued The first number of The Carmarthen Journal,” price 6 1/2d d. 1823, aet. 68; bur. Llangunnor Churchyard]

1801, Oct. 5 - DAVID RICHARDS tinplate sorter

1801 - JOHN COOK, gent.

1802, Oct. 4 - JOHN WEBB, tea dealer.

1802 - OWEN JONES, scriviner

1804, Oct. 1 - REES PRYTHERCH, surgeon.

1804 - THOMAS JONES, ironmaster

1804 - DAVID DAVIES, attorney-at-law.

[For 47 years min, of the Baptists con gregation, Priory Street; d. 21 June, 1841, aet. 72; tablet in Penuel Chapel; a mem ber of the first committee, 1813, of the Lancastrian School.]

[Sworn Mayor in 1808; commemerated his year of office by gift of a very hand some pair of maces to this Corporation.]

1804 - JOHN JENKINS, surgeon. .

[Headmaster of the Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth.]

1820, Oct. 2 - EDWARD JONES ironmonger.

1820 - WILLIAM JONES, ironfounder

1820 - GEORGE WALDRON, gent.


1820 - THOMAS DAVIES, victualler.
[Last man presented burgess]

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