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"The County of GLAMORGAN is 112 Miles in Circumference, contains about 540000 Acres, 10 Hundreds, 9 Market Towns, 118 Parishes and 9644 Houses. It had formerly 25 Castles and 3 Monasteries most of which are now demolished. The Air is various, sharp on ye Mountains, covered with Snow but very Mild & Warm on ye Seavern Coast. The Soil in ye North Part is full of Steep, High & Barren Hills, abounding with Woods, in ye South more plain rich & fertile, feeding multitude of Cattle & Sheep; it is called for its fruitfullness ye Garden of Wales. It is plentifully stored with Fish, Flesh, Fowl, it also has many Coal Pits, The Cheif Comodities are Corn & Cattle." [Emanuel Bowen, Britannia Depicta, 1720]

Archives and Libraries

  • A list of Libraries (link is external) in the Rhondda Cynon Taff District
  • Bishop's Library
    The Ollivant Room,
    St. Michael's College,
    Cardiff, CF5 2YJ
    Tel: 01222 563379 (or +44 122 563379)
    By appointment only
  • Cardiff Central Library
    The Hayes
    Cardiff  CF10 1FL
    Tel: 029 20382116
    Oversees +44 2920382116
    Fax 029 20780989
    email (link sends e-mail)
  • Cardiff Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Archive
    Archbishop's House, Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF1 9HD
    Telephone: U.K. 01222 20411, Overseas +44 1222 20411
  • University College of Cardiff Library
    PO Box 430, Cardiff CF1 3XT
    Telephone: U.K. 01222 874000, Overseas +44 1222 874000
    Fax: U.K. 01222 371921, Overseas +44 1222 371921
  • University of Swansea Library
    Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP
  • Museums
    • Museum of Welsh Life (link is external)
      St Fagans, Cardiff, CF5 6XB
      Telephone: U.K. 01222 573500 ext 437, Overseas +44 1222 573500 ext 437
      Fax: U.K. 01222 573490, Overseas +44 1222 573490
    • National Museum of Wales (link is external)
      Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF1 3NP
      Telephone: U.K. 01222 397951, Overseas +44 1222 396951
    • Queens Dragoon Guards Museum
      The Castle, Cardiff, CF1 2RB
    • Welch Regiment Museum
      The Castle, Cardiff, CF1 2RB
    • Welsh Industrial and Maritime Museum
      Bute Street, Cardiff, CF1 6AN


Here is a Brief Description of several books which are specific to the County of Glamorgan

Here is a substantial reading list of books which relate to Glamorgan, either county or parish.  It is acknowledged that the principal source of the details of books etc included  on these pages is the online catalogues of the National Library of Wales (link is external) - supplemented by reference to the RHS Bibliography site

See also  Independent Chapels of Wales: History Books and Pamphlets (link is external) by Huw Walters.

Additionally, these books below are name indexed or have contents extracts;

Bessborough, Earl of. Lady Charlotte Guest. Extracts from her journal 1833-1852. London, John Murray, 1950. A fascinating insight into the life of a quiet remarkable woman with particular reference to that period of her life as the wife of Sir John Guest of the Dowlais Iron Works. Here are substantial extracts from her Diaries.

Collieries of Wales [Engineering and Architecture] Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (Editors; Stephen Hughes, Brian Malaws, Medwyn Parry and Peter Wakelin) Index by Gareth Hicks.

Colyer, Richard. The Welsh Cattle Drovers(1976). Here is a contents listing/introduction and an index by Catherine Davies-Shiel. Reissued in 2002 by Landmark Publishing Co, with  revision of some chapters, now p192.

Colyer, R. J. Moore. Further References to the Welsh Cattle Trade. National Library of Wales journal. Volume XXV/3 Summer, 1988. Extract of this article by Bill Griffith-Jones 2002

Colyer, Richard. Archives/NLWjournals/Welsh Cattle Drovers in the Nineteenth Century - 1   National Library of Wales journal. 1972, Winter Volume XVII/4

Colyer, Richard. Welsh Cattle Drovers in the Nineteenth Century - 2   National Library of Wales journal. 1974, Summer. Volume XVIII/3

Colyer, Richard. Welsh Cattle Drovers in the Nineteenth Century - 3 National Library of Wales journal. 1975, Summer. Volume XIX/1

Craig, Robert. R J Nevill and the Early Welsh Coal Trade - A Comment  National Library of Wales journal. Volume X/4 Winter 1958

Davies, Alun Eirug. Paper-Mills and Paper-Makers in Wales 1700-1900. , National Library of Wales journal. 1967, Summer Volume XV/1

Davies, B L. British Schools in South Wales, The Rev William Roberts (Nefydd), South Wales, Representative of the British and Foreign School Society, 1853-1863 , National Library of Wales journal. 1974, Winter. Volume XVIII/4

Davies, David W. ' November the first 1854 yr wif fi David W Davies the son of Wm Davies yn Esgrifenu Llufer Cofadwriaeth om achau gan Lechrhau ar fy thad yr Hwn ei enw oed William Davies the son of David J Davies llwunphelish ger llaw castellned and was born April 1784 and beread in the 25 of December 1848 in hurwain by the chapel of the Disenters called benepo glanmorganshire.'
This is the opening sentence of this book, a copy is held by the Family History Centre, Salt Lake City, the contents of which have been extracted with original spellings etc retained. It contains a lot of names from Glamorgan, some from Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire

Davies, Henry. Coal Mining, A Reader for Primary Schools and Evening Continuation Classes Published by The Welsh Educational Publishing Co, Merthyr Tydfil, 1904. Extracts by Gareth Hicks

Denning, Roy. The vale of Glamorgan in Old Photographs,1987.  Index by Huw Daniel

Egan, David. Coal Society: A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys 1840-1980. Gomer Press 1987/92. Here is a listing of sources quoted in the book, including details of photographs

Emanuel, H D. Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth. National Library of Wales journal, 1954, Winter. Volume VIII/4   First in series . This has a general introduction to the subject, plus entries for places from Aberavon to Goytrey. Also 1955, Summer. Volume IX/1; The second in the series, covers places from Grosmont to Merthyr Tydfil. Also 1955, Winter. Volume IX/2  ; the final in the series, covers places from Michaelston-super-Avon to Ystradyfodwg.

Emery, F V. West Glamorgan Farming, circa 1580-1620. National Library of Wales journal. 1956, Winter. Volume IX/4  & 1957, Summer. Volume X/I. The two parts of the article embrace the lands of Gower, one of the medieval Marcher Lordships in South Wales, extending from the foothills of the Black Mountains in the north for thirty miles down to the Bristol Channel on its south coast

Evans, C J. The Story of Glamorgan. 1908 - the complete book is accessible on the Internet Archive (link is external) site - click on Texts and search on Cardiff

Evans, David. Labour Strife in the South Wales Coalfield, 1910 - 1911. Index to Police Casualties extracted by David Pike.

Evans, Leslie Wynne. Colliery Schools in South Wales in the Nineteenth Century. National Library of Wales journal. 1957, Winter. Volume X/2.

Evans, Leslie Wynne. Copper-Works Schools in South Wales during the Nineteenth Century. National Library of Wales journal. 1959, Summer Volume XI/1. There are 27 Appendices which contain data concerning individual schools in Kilvey, Hafod, Llanelly, Pembrey, Margam, Maesteg and Pontamman

Evans, Leslie Wynne. Voluntary Education in the Industrial Areas of Wales before 1870 National Library of Wales journal. Vol XIV/4, Winter 1966

Evans, Leslie Wynne. School Boards and the Works School System after the Education Act of 1870. National Library of Wales journal. 1967, Summer Volume XV/1

Francis, Hywel & David Smith. The Fed; a history of the South Wales Miners in the twentieth century. Published by Lawrence and Wishart, 1980. A contents/illustrations listing and name index by Gareth Hicks

Grant, Raymond.     On the Parish,  Glamorgan Archive Service,1988. A list of Glamorgan parishes with extant Vestry minutes, Overseers books etc from this book is on Parish Poor Law records (link is external)  

James, Brian Ll. The Great Landowners of Wales in 1873. National Library of Wales journal. 1966, Summer Volume XIV/3

Jones, E D. The Journal of William Roberts ['Nefydd'] 1853-62. National Library of Wales journal, Winter 1953, Volume VIII/2. The  first of three issues, it includes extensive general commentary on elementary education covering the whole of Wales, and with journal entries from Dec 1853 to July 1854, which cover his visits to places in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire

Jones, E D. The Journal of William Roberts ['Nefydd'] 1853-62. National Library of Wales journal, Summer 1954, Volume VIII/3. The  second of three issues, includes journal entries from July 1854 to Dec 1855, which cover his visits to places all over south and west Wales

Jones, E D. The Journal of William Roberts['Nefydd'] 1853-62. National Library of Wales journal, Summer 1955, Volume IX/1. The third of three issues, includes journal entries from February 1856 to June 1856, which cover his visits to places in Glamorgan, Monmouthshire and Brecknockshire.

Jones, G Penrhyn. Cholera in Wales. National Library of Wales journal Vol X/3 Summer 1958.

Morgan, Kenneth O. Labour's Early Struggles in South Wales: Some New Evidence, 1900-8. National Library of Wales journal. 1972, Winter Volume XVII/4

Morgan, Walter T. Chartism and Industrial Unrest in South Wales in 1842. National Library of Wales journal Vol X/1 Summer 1957.

Morris, J H & L J Williams. R J Nevill and the Early Welsh Coal Trade. National Library of Wales journal. 1957, Summer Volume X/1.

Nicholas, Thomas, MA. History and Antiquities of Glamorganshire and its families. 1974. Index by Curtis Evans

Osborne, Brian. Glamorgan Agriculture in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. National Library of Wales journal. 1978, Winter Volume XX/4

Parry-Jones, D. Some Thoughts and Notes on the English of South Wales. National Library of Wales journal. 1974, Winter. Volume XVIII/4

Price, Cecil. Portable Theatres in Wales, 1843-1914National Library of Wales journal, Summer 1955, Volume IX/1. Selected extracts from this article intended to bring out the flavour of a theatrical life that the participants regarded as the then modern successor of  the "old strolling tradition". Mostly Glamorgan coverage.

Price, Cecil. Some Welsh Theatres, 1844 - 1870, National Library of Wales journal. 1961, Winter Volume XII/2. The towns featured are; Aberystwyth, Abergavenny, Brecon, Carmarthen, Merthyr, Monmouth, Newport, Tredegar and Wrexham.

Roberts, R O. Copper and Economic Growth in Great Britain, 1729-1784 National Library of Wales journal. 1957, Summer Volume X/1.

The Cambrian Journal   Volume 1 , 1854. Published under the auspices of the Cambrian Institute. London, Longmans & Co; Tenby, R Mason. Includes an extracted article styled 'The Industrial Capacities of South Wales'.

Thomas, Hugh. THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF A GLAMORGAN PARISH (Llangiwg). National Library of Wales journal Winter, 1975, Vol XIX/2 . pp 194-208. A complete extract of the first of three articles.

Thomas, Hugh. THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF A GLAMORGAN PARISH (Llangiwg). National Library of Wales journal Summer,1976, Volume XIX/3.  pp 227-242. A complete extract of the second of three articles.

Thomas, Hugh.THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF A GLAMORGAN PARISH (Llangiwg). National Library of Wales journal Winter,1976, Volume XIX/4.  pp 345-361. A complete extract of the final of three articles.

Williams, Gwyn A. The Merthyr Riots: Settling the Account. National Library of Wales journal. 1959, Winter Volume XI/2.

Williams, Moelwyn I. A Contribution to the Commercial History of Glamorgan 1666-1735, National Library of Wales journal, Various volumes 1955-62. . Also A Further Contribution to the Commercial History of Glamorgan, same author and source. Extracts and indexes by Steve Keates & Gareth Hicks

Williams, W. Samlet Rev. The History of Methodists in West Glamorgan, 1916. Index by Margaret Jones.


The Glamorgan Family History Society have published indexes for a substantial number of Monumental Inscriptions which are available for purchase on Glamorgan Family History Society (link is external)

Grave Matters (link is external) - Jill Muir's site on transcribing memorial inscriptions


The Glamorgan FHS have published a whole range of census transcriptions/indexes e.g 1841, 1851, 1861. They are mainly available for purchase on Glamorgan Family History Society (link is external)

The UK BMD (link is external) web site offers links to over 400 web sites that provide on-line information for UK births, marriages and deaths and censuses.

The 1881 census index is online on LDS Family Search (link is external)

Class List of places appearing in each census year for Glamorgan (link is external) This relates to the PRO's piece numbers, breaks it down into Registration Districts, Registration Sub Districts, Parishes and Hamlets/Townships.

1881 census place name index (link is external) for details of 1881 census Registration District overlaps and a census district  index

Gibson, J.S.W. and Medlycott, M.T. Local Census Listings 1522-1930 (2nd ed.), Birmingham, Fed. of Fam. Hist. Soc. (1994) 52 pp. [ISBN 1-872094-75-9]. Extracted  are details of local censuses in Wales, listed by county

Church History

Rees, Thomas & Thomas, John. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru. 1873 - here is a listing of the NAMES only of chapels/places from each county's contents page from the CD of this 4 volume book published by Archive CD Books. The Glamorgan section is fully extracted -  in Welsh, some with translations .

Church Plans Online (link is external) - the Lambeth Palace Library holds a database of the Incorporated Church Building Society's images of the plans of various churches (use the onsite search facility)

Glamorgan Chapels project (2005)

Welsh Chapels & Churches  

Cardiff  Places of Worship (link is external) database produced by Glamorgan FHS

Pillars of Faith (link is external) - a remembrance of Non-conformist and other  chapels in the Rhondda

The Presbyterian Church of Wales site (link is external)  has a pdf file showing lists of CM chapels still open (with addresses) in each county (under Documents/General Info/Churches and Secretaries). This data has been noted on each chapel entry within these parish pages so it is implied that a chapel is closed if not said to be open in 2006

The 1851 Religious Census. Here is a table detailing the statistics for the various denominations in South Wales

A History of Methodism in Glamorgan (link is external) has been provided by Bob Sanders

The Methodist Church South Wales District. (link is external)  Information/History

East Glamorgan Baptist Association (link is external)

Church Records

Name extracts from various sources - Bt's/PRs, mainly Gower parishes. Names include Bevan, Howell, Lewis, Lloyd, Owen, Rees, Prisson, Griffith

Glamorgan Record Office (link is external) in Cardiff  hold most extant parish church and non-conformist chapel records, these are listed on their site (click  ' history of your family' on main page and scroll down to the end of the next page) Parishes and Churches of the Diocese of Llandaff. (link is external)

The Location of Methodist (link is external) and other Non-conformist (link is external) registers of Glamorgan has been provided by Bob Sanders

A list of Parish Register Copies (link is external)in the Library of the Society of Genealogists

The Glamorgan Family History Society have published a whole range of indexes to parish records e.g baptisms, marriages and burials, most of these are available for purchase on Glamorgan Family History Society (link is external) .

Welsh Wills Index, Prior to 1858. Glamorgan Family History Society (link is external) holds a copy on microfiche of the Abstracts and Indexes of Wills prior to 1858 deposited at the National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth . The Abstracts mainly consist of the names of those mentioned in the Will or Admon. The scope of the Indexes varies according to the Diocese. Coverage for each Diocese is as follows: St David's 1564 to 1653 and 1660 to 1858 Llandaff 1746 to 1832. Searches of the index are free (members only).

Family Search UK/Ireland  (link is external)- Historical Record Collections 
IGI Batch Numbers - Hugh Wallis's site (link is external)  and Archer Software's site (link is external)  

Ifans, Dafydd [ed]. Cofrestri Anghydfurol Cymru/ Nonconformist Registers of Wales. Aberystwyth, 1994. This book includes Ordnance Survey references for listed chapels.

Jones, I.G. & Williams, D. The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales.   Cardiff, 1976

MacDonald, R W. The Parish Registers of Wales, National Library of Wales journal. 1976, Winter. Volume XIX/4

Williams, C.J. and Watts-Williams, J. Cofrestri Plwyf Cymru: Parish Registers of Wales (National Index of Parish Registers, Vol. 13).Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales, Second edition,2000. This book has been used as a source of data of parish records and bishop's transcripts on the Genuki parish pages

Civil Registration

Detailed listing, by Brett Langston, of the places covered by the old and current Glamorgan Registration districts (link is external)

The UK BMD (link is external) web site offers links to over 400 web sites that provide on-line information for UK births, marriages and deaths and censuses.

Description and Travel

Glamorgan parishes diagram

Here is a simple index relating to parish maps copied from  Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. (Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R.).  

Description of Glamorganshire from A Topographical Dictionary of Wales" by Samuel Lewis 1833

The Vale of Glamorgan (link is external)  - a community site

The Book of South Wales, the Bristol Channel, Monmouthshire and the Wye  1847. By C F Cliffe. Here are selected extracts contributed by Josephine Jeremiah.

The Book of South Wales and the Wye 1861. By Mr and Mrs S.C.Hall.  Here are selected extracts contributed by Jill Muir

South Wales Valleys Photo Album (link is external) by Mike Baker

Geography of South Wales (link is external) - part of the Coalfield Web Materials site

Principal Markets and Fairs in South Wales. Extracted from Kelly's Directory South Wales 1910

Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516 (link is external). The Gazetteer compiled by Dr Samantha Letters is a catalogue of markets and fairs in medieval England and Wales. This is the first comprehensive national survey.

Byng's Journal Of a Tour into South Wales, 1787..........'These tours are considered a last picture of pre-industrial England and Wales'. Here is a small collection of extracts compiled by Steve Keates

A Vision of Britain Through Time (link is external). "This site contains information about your home area from the 2001 census -- and from every earlier British census back to 1801. It can present this information both as maps of the whole country and as graphs showing change over time in your area. It truly offers a Vision of Britain through time"

The Glamorganshire Canal (link is external) - Brief history with several  photographs

Vale of Glamorgan Railway (link is external) - on wikipedia

Glamorgan - on wikipedia (link is external)


Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales, published in 1860 in six vols, editor E. L. Blanchard.  
See Welsh Family History Archive (link is external)for all the excellent county maps (showing the hundreds) and the alphabetical gazetteer 
From the preface;
"In the following pages will be found fully described the past history and present aspect of every place of any significance in England and Wales, forming a work of permanent importance to the commercial world, of ready service to the tourist of the day, and of constant interest to the general reader, who may derive from this source a large supply of entertainment, as well as of information for the amusement and instruction of a leisure hour."


Wales Lookup Exchange (link is external)

Timeline of genealogically interesting dates (link is external) by Gareth Hicks

John Ball's Welsh Family History Archive (link is external) provides some very useful material and links for those with Welsh ancestry.

Online Welsh Names Directory (link is external)by Graham Jaunay

Here are details of the Genealogy Mailing Lists serving the Welsh counties. And here is the Glamorgan Mailing List's (link is external) own site which contains guidelines, photograph album, surname list and much more.

A list of some published sources of Genealogy and History for Cardiff and Glamorgan (link is external) by Bob Sanders

Glamorgan Families (link is external). Through this site you may submit details of your Glamorgan ancestry, and view the submissions of other Glamorgan family historians.

Historical Geography

Hundreds in the County of Glamorgan; --- Glamorgan consists of ten hundreds, as listed below, each page contains some statistics from the 1841 census and a list of parishes within the hundred.


An Introduction to Lordships and Manors (link is external) - from Cardiff Records, Volume II, Chapter I  NOTES ON THE MANORS OF THE CARDIFF DISTRICT   (British History Online).  

The Glamorgan Gwent Archaelogical Trust (link is external) - "Our goal is to preserve the best of the past for the benefit of the future, whilst also educating the public in archaeology."

A history of the Rebecca Riots in Glamorgan (link is external) has been provided by Bob Sanders

Glamorgan (link is external)  A  site incorporating historical snippets relating to the county, towns and parishes.  

The Norman Knights in Glamorgan . Extracted by Bernard Mainwaring from an article by The Rev. Dan Bryant M.A. D.C.L. printed in Historical Sketches of Glamorgan published by The Glamorgan Society in 1912

 The Normans in South Wales, 1070-1171 (link is external) by Nelson, Lynn H. Austin and London: University of Texas Press, 1966

The Lordship of Glamorgan (link is external) - on wikipedia

Land and Property

Brief Histories of the Estates of the Gentry in and around Cardiff (link is external), provided by Bob Sanders

An index to Coleman's Deeds has been provided by Bob Sanders Part 1 (link is external) Pre 1700
Part 2 (link is external) 1700 - 1749
Part 3 (link is external) 1750 - 1799
Part 4 (link is external) 1800 - 1864

Law and Legislation

A list of Glamorgan Clerks of the Peace, 1539-1953 (link is external) as been provided by Bob Sanders

A list of Glamorgan High Sheriffs, 1541-1900 (link is external), has been provided by Bob Sanders


Glamorgan parishes (88 kbytes) A diagram showing where the parishes are situated

Undated map of Glamorgan - looks like post 1824 at least

Map of Glamorganshire (link is external) from the Report of the Boundary Commissioners for England and Wales. Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1885.

Welsh county maps by Samuel Lewis (link is external) and published in 1833

Merchant Marine

Welsh Mariners (link is external)  by Dr Reg Davies---includes a searchable database of over 21,000 (in 9/2005) Welsh born (or Wales resident) Master mariners, mates and engineers who held certificates of competency or service; in practice it is an index of men active from 1800 to 1945 in the merchant navy.

Swansea Mariners (link is external) by Bryan Richards --- periods 1861 to 1874 and 1890 to 1894, a database of ratings such as un-certificated officers, bosun, able seaman, ordinary seaman, boy, cook, steward, etc in Glamorgan Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire, or from around the world. There are 43,000 detailed entries (8/2007).

Lighthouse Personnel in England and Wales and the Channel Islands 1841-1910. Includes;- Table of  Keepers; Table of Stations by county; Location map of the lighthouse sites.

A List of Shipping Records at Glamorgan Record Office (link is external), has been provided by Bob Sanders

Shipping Lists. A selection of items compiled by Steve Keates from various sources during his study of 18/19th century coastal shipping links between South Wales ports and the English counties of Devon and Somerset.

Crew and passengers on ships (link is external) Crews & passengers of Cardiff ships in port on the 1881 census, also various other Welsh and English ports. By Bob Sanders

Maritime History (link is external). Although not particularly Glamorgan related here are a large number of links to websites dealing with maritime history. By Bob Sanders

Ships and shipping company recordsheld at Glamorgan Record Office (link is external) By Bob Sanders

Arbitration records relating to shipping accidents held at Glamorgan Record Office (link is external) By Bob Sanders

Military Records

A Brief history of the Glamorgan Militia (link is external) has been provided by Bob Sanders

A Brief history of the Glamorgan Yeomanry Regiments (link is external), has been provided by Bob Sanders

The Glamorgan Yeomanry in 1914-18 (link is external) site

The Glamorgan Yeomanry (link is external) - on wikipedia

A Brief history of the Glamorgan Volunteer Regiments (link is external), has been provided by Bob Sanders.

The Royal Regiment of Wales (link is external) was formed in 1969 by the amalgamation of two of Wales' most famous and distinguished regiments, namely The South Wales Borderers (24th Foot) and The Welch Regiment (41st/69th Foot).

The First Glamorgan Bantams; (link is external) 17th (Service) Battalion The Welsh Regiment. War Diaries 1916-18

Names, Geographical


Place names in south Wales (link is external) - Deric John's growing authoritative collection of place names

Here is a database with grid co-ordinates of 10,000 place names from the 1891/1901 censuses for certain parishes in PEM,CMN & GLA(Gower)

Here is a list of Place Names in Glamorgan which have alternative spellings or have changed completely over time

Names, Personal

An Analysis of first names from the 1851 Glamorgan census  By Anna Brueton, Oct 2002- an updated version of that originally submitted to the Glamorgan mailing list - based on the CD published by Glamorgan FHS


The following newspapers in circulation in South Wales have online editions, there are also local papers detailed on parish pages:

Bob Sanders' site - Extracts from The Times newspaper (link is external) relating to Cardiff and/or Cardiff people covering the period 1785 to 1819. It includes references to some Cardiff shipping, the Merthyr Riots and the Bute v John Wood political wrangles, amongst other things.

Here is a selection of a variety of news items and other material gleaned from the Western Mail newspaper - as contributed to the Glamorgan Mailing list by John Patrick

The Cambrian (link is external) was the first English language newspaper to be published in Wales running from 1804 - 1930. Swansea Library Service has a computerised index to the contents freely available to search online


The South Wales Coal Annual for 1908; Edited by Joseph Davies. There are extracts of the sections on Ferndale Collieries, and the Taff Vale Railway and Penarth Docks. Also the section 'Districts, Membership, & Officers of the South Wales Miners' Federation'

The Coal House Project (link is external) - on BBC Wales. Use the Browse by Place button to home in on particular mines/areas

South Wales Miners Federation (SWMF) Register of Deaths in the South Wales coalfield between 5 January 1934 and 17 January 1941. (link is external) This is a letter written by Dr Glen Jenkins to the Editor of the Glamorgan Family History Society's journal in March 2006. It relates  to an index of the above Register of Deaths compiled by him and  now held by the Library and Information Services, University of Wales Swansea

Here is the Wales section from Outline Map of the Mining Districts of the UK from the Childrens' Employment Commission Report of 1842. The shaded areas denote the Coal and Iron Mining Districts.
Copied from the CD published by Archive CD Books

Material on the 'Digging up the Past' site  - A Photographic Archive from the South Wales Coalfield

Glamorgan Photographers   A list of over 1,600 references to commercial photographers working in the county of Glamorgan from the early days in the 1850s up to about 1930

Victorian Professional Photographers in Wales 1850-1925 - a county based database compiled by Mari Alderman, includes sources and a bibliography

South Wales Police Museum (link is external)

Coalfield Web Materials (link is external). University of Wales, Swansea. ".......... aims to improve lifelong learning opportunities by stimulating in the local history and cultural heritage of South Wales. It offers digital versions of original documentary and audiovisual material relating to the history and development of the South Wales Coalfield......" Here are direct links to sections of the site;

Miners' Strikes, 1972, 1974 & 1984 (link is external) - a NLW site

The Miners' Next Step and the General Strike of 1926 (link is external) .... "The Great Unrest is the term used to describe the years between 1908 and 1914 when Wales, and indeed Britain, saw many industrial conflicts such as the Cambrian Combine Strike, the Tonypandy Riots as well as a number of Suffragette protests."

Welsh Coal Mines (link is external)  This excellent site has details and photographs of many Collieries in South Wales. Also many with lists of miners killed in pit disasters

Railway companies (link is external) which operated in Carmarthenshire, Glamorgan & Monmouthshire plus some in adjoining areas which ran into the former counties. By Bob Sanders

Ian Winstanley's Coal Mining History Resource Centre (link is external)    Probably the most comprehensive source for mining deaths - some 65,000 names of people who died or suffered injury in the mines of Great Britain from 1850 to 1909.

Miners' Advice site (link is external). The Collieries of Wales section includes features/photographs relating to the following mines;  Abertysswg - Bargoed - Bersham - Big Pit - Britannia - Celynen - Cwmtillery - Deep Navigation-Elliots - Ferndale - Groesfaen - Llanbradach - Mardy - Marine - Markham - Nantgarw - Navigation - Oakdale - Ogilvie - Old Pit - Penalta - Pochin - Point of Ayr - Senghenydd-Six Bells - Taff Merthyr - Tower

The Employment Commission report of 1842 on Children in Mines and Factories. This partial extract of names of people from specified mines in Glamorgan giving evidence was contributed by Steve Keates

Report (1842) by Rhys William Jones, Esq., on the Employment of Children and Young Persons (link is external) in Monmouth and the Pontypool and Merthyr Districts, Blaenavon and Clydach Iron Works near Abergavenny, Nantyglo and Beaufort, Sirhowy and Ebbw Vale, Tredegar and Rhymney and Bute Iron Works in the County of Monmouth, Dowlais, Penydarran and the Aberdare Iron works near Merthyr Tydvil, Cwmavon Iron, Tin and Copper works and the Collieries and the Oakwood Collieries, near Port Talbot. The Iron Works in Bridgend, Neath and Swansea, The Copper Works at Swansea and Llanelly, and the Collieries in the Western part of Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire, and on the State, Condition and Treatment of such Children and Young Persons. It lists the name, age and place of employment of every individual interviewed by the commissioners in their compiling of the report - some hundreds of names. Infomation about the South Wales Coalfield Collection (link is external) can be found at the S.W.C.C website

Evidence to the House of Lords Committee on the state of Agriculture 1837. An exercise by Steve Keates to illustrate the average costing of running a Glamorgan farm in the Vale of Glamorgan in the years 1790, 1813 and 1833. The data is derived/adapted from the accounts of comparative expenses given as evidence to the Select Committee, House of Lords on the State of Agriculture. PP Vol V (464) pp 66-69

Indexes of Occupations extracted from Parish Registers, primarily concerned with individuals in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan  - by Bob Sanders

GLAMORGANSHIRE GAME DUTY from   THE CAMBRIAN 7 NOV 1807  - A Correct Alphabetical List of the Game Certificates issued by the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan
from the 29th day of July to the 19th day of October, 1807.      Contributed by Lyn Nunn

GLAMORGANSHIRE GAMEKEEPERS from   THE CAMBRIAN 7 NOV 1807                        Contributed by Lyn Nunn


V@le (link is external) - the Web Magazine for the Vale of Glamorgan.

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Politics and Government

Politics in South Wales (link is external) - part of the Coalfield Web Materials site


The Population of the whole county of Glamorgan was as follows :

  • 1841 - 171,188
  • 1851 - 240,095
  • 1861 - 326,254
  • 1871 - 396,010
  • 1881 - 511,433
  • 1891 - 693,072


Day Schools in Glamorgan in 1847. This database consists of day schools which existed in 1847 included here within an alphabetical list of parishes 
It contains the names and types of day schools listed in the Reports of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the State of Education in Wales published in 1847

The Blue Books of 1847. (link is external)  An inquiry into the state of education in Wales - on the NLW's Digital Mirror site

In the area originally referred to as the County of Glamorgan are  three Universities :

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Social life and Customs

Disease in Glamorgan. These notes were contributed by Clive Blakemore to the Glamorgan mailing list and are based on   A Sanitary Survey of Glamorganshire by William Williams M.A., M.D., D.P.H. (Oxon), County Medical Officer. Published in Cardiff, 1895.

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Eisteddfod and Miner's Gala (link is external) - part of the Coalfield Web Materials site


Glamorgan FHS (link is external) - The Society has a Resource Centre at Aberkenfig.

South Wales Record Society (link is external) - "The society was set up in 1982 with the aim of publishing a regular series of books and other works on the history of South Wales and particularly Glamorgan and Gwent."

Glamorgan History Society (link is external)   The Glamorgan History Society has concerned itself over the last fifty years with nurturing the study of  all aspects of the history of Glamorgan, within the wider context of the history of Wales.The Society has just (2011) published the fifty second edition of  its journal, Morgannwg .................."        [The NLW has included the Morgannwg in its Welsh Journals Online Project (link is external)' and there are links to the articles also on the Glamorgan Bibliography section of Genuki]

The Gower Society (link is external)   Publishes Gower,  an English language annual journal containing articles, photographs and news relating to the area's archaeology, history, natural history and landscape. It was first published in 1948 and continues. Available on Welsh Journals Online (link is external)