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Ambleston Church

Eglwys Treamlod Ambleston church is mediaeval in origin and stands within a raised graveyard
at the centre of the village. The sturdy four-square tower has battlements.

Bethel Chapel Ambleston



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Treamlod/Ambleston village centre Tiny agricultural village (popn. 150) south of the Preselis. From the community action plan 2005: "Despite Flemish settlements typical of Pembrokeshire roundabout Ambleston Parish, and despite more recent population changes, the character of Ambleston is decidedly Welsh. It would be wrong to include it in the dubious Little England beyond Wales description applied to South Pembrokeshire; mostly by travel brochures. The ill­defined Landsker probably lies to the south of Ambleston although some historians have associated it with Woodstock. Most families rooted in the area are Welsh speaking and many use Welsh by choice." Ambleston has no pub, school or shops, although it used to have several. There is concern about the lack of amenities in the village and efforts are being made to restore community activities.