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History of Bayvil by Dr Nigel Yates


Bayvil Church is also featured in the 2003 volume of Ancient Monuments Society (AMS) Transactions. The Friends share an office and operate a joint membership scheme with the AMS, and each year a Friends church is featured in the AMS Transactions. The 2003 article, which also examined the Friends nearby church at Manordeifi, was written by Dr Nigel Yates, and can be ordered by contacting the office.


In the article Dr Yates describes how the church is largely undocumented and thus cannot be precisely dated. However in 1813 and 1828 it was served by a non-resident minister, also vicar of the nearby parish at Molygrove and rector of Martletwy in South Pembrokeshire (who in fact lived at Emsworth, Hampshire). Dr Yates suggests that as the bell-cote at Bayvil is similar to that formerly at Eglwyswrw (where the curate lived), the church at Bayvil was built sometime between 1810 and 1830. The architect may have been David Evans of Eglwyswrw, a local architect with an office in Cardigan, who built other churches locally including those at Cilgerran and Llechryd.


In 1828 the church was described as being in "tolerable repair" and "tolerably furnished with all things convenient for the country church". Dr Yates surmises that this is "neither confirms nor disproves a rebuilding within the previous fifteen years or so. Any date for the rebulding of the church is therefore highly speculative and, in view of the known conservative character of many rebuilding and restoration schemes in Wales throughout the nineteenth century, it could be later than 1830."